ISSN: 1999-8716

Keywords : control and protection system

Design and Implementation of a control and high precision Protection System for traditional and modern production machinery

Zena T. Abdulkareem; Nasir I. Haded; Ayad Q. Abdulkareem

DIYALA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 2015, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 401-416

The problem which this research tries to solve is: the sudden change in the incoming electric power from where voltage raises and drops, phase failure, phases reverse with each other's and the fast electric trip. So that this sudden change can directly affect negatively on the production machines especially on its electronic and programmed control units, and causes too many damages which led to interrupt or stop the production line in addition to waste money, time and efforts. Especially after the imported Protection Systems deficit in spite of its high quality manufacturing. All the enquired studies and electric – electronic schematics had been completed in order to perform manufacturing his system by the researchers using the available materials in the local markets.
The research aim to find a final solutions to those problems through designing and performing an electric system which let and prepare a controlling and high accuracy and protection, since it will cut the electric power back manually after causative disappears.
This electronic system had been checked and evaluation by a professional academic committee for College of Engineering/ Diyala University and got an acceptance for the purpose of its manufacturing with a high qualification in protecting the traditional and the programmable production machines.
The manufactured system had been to protect fully the machines productivity and the results were excellent, with no repeated breakdowns where the crash rate because of the sudden change of electric power reduced by (95%). The research team concluded that the validity of the manufactured system for the protection of pre-emptive production machines full ramifications. In this system it is designed have achieved the desired results, especially overcome the problem of rapid line trip unlike traditional systems used.