ISSN: 1999-8716

Keywords : mean weight diameter

The Effect of Irrgation Water Quality of Furrow Irrgation System on The Soil Properties in ABU Gharib District

DIYALA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 53-59

a field experiment was conducted at the soil research department station (Agricultural Research Office), located in Abu Ghraib district (20 kilometers west of Baghdad) during the spring season for year (2016) to study the effect of irrigation water quality of furrow irrigation system on chemical and physical properties of the Soil.
The field study carried out by using three types of saline irrigation water: (tap water) with (0.6 ds/m), two wells water with (3.0 ds/m) and (5.1 ds/m), and the alternating irrigation method through the continuation of irrigation to the end of the agricultural season using one irrigate of tap water followed by one irrigate of water well with (5.1 ds/m). The results showed increasing of EC_S and SAR values if salinity water used as (〖S_2> S〗_3 〖> S〗_1), respectively for the depths (20-30, and 30-45cm) more than the depths (0-10, and 10-20 cm) and decreasing of EC_S and SAR values at the depths (0-10, 10-20, and 20-30 cm) when the tap water (〖 S〗_0) is used. Also, increasing of the physical properties of the soil when the irrigation used by tap water (S_0), and, decreasing of the physical properties of the soil when the irrigation used by water salinity (〖S_2> S〗_3 〖> S〗_1), respectively, at the depth (15-30) more than the depth (0-15 cm).