ISSN: 1999-8716

Keywords : Hybrid Composites

Impact and Post Impact Behavior of Hybrid Composites

DIYALA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 46-52

In this study, the effect of low velocity impact response of Kevlar/carbon hybrid composite has been investigated. Then the impacted specimens were subjected to compression and buckling tests at room temperature experimentally. The height, width and thickness of the specimens are 150, 100 and 2.1 mm, respectively. Impact tests have been performed under different impact energy levels by using low velocity impact testing machine. Compression and buckling tests were conducted by Shimadzu testing machine. According to obtained results, the damage increases by increasing the impact energy level in the subjected specimens to impact test. Compression strength value is higher about 3 times than buckling strength value.