ISSN: 1999-8716

Keywords : Induction heating


Isam M. Abdulbaqi; Abdul-Hasan A. Kadhim; Ali H. Abdul-Jabbar; Fathil A. Abood; Turki K. Hasan

DIYALA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 2015, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 64-82

The design of a certain induction furnace for a certain application depends mostly on empirical formulas and experience. The purpose of this work is to use the Finite Element Method (FEM) approach to perform an electromagnetic-thermal coupled analysis for a suggested coil with certain billet and studying its performance during the heating period. This will lead to the ability of expecting the required coil current and its frequency, to heat certain part of a certain billet to a certain temperature at the predetermined time. Then, the simulation results can be used to build the coil and leads to design the power supply for the induction furnace. The practical measurement of the designed system agrees with that of the theoretical design results. Hence, this approach assists to reduce the design cost, time and efforts for any other required induction furnace.