ISSN: 1999-8716

Keywords : COPRAS


Hafeth I. Naji

DIYALA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 2014, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 1-24

The construction sector the main driver of the national economy on the other hand is facing this sector stumbled in his performance and the advantage of the merger of several problems at the same time due to the complex nature and uncertain environment of the project and the multiplicity of factors that lead to the occurrence of a time delay in implementation and high cost of the project, and to address this challenges requires the project management methods in this area and the potential of a smart and distinctive in making the right decisions. The method of multiple criteria complex proportional assessment of alternatives with Grey relations (COPRAS-G) is one of those methods. This research focuses on providing (COPRAS-G) technique helps to make the best decisions when setting up the project, which encountered problems are complex and multi-criteria (MCDM). And apply this technique on a variety of areas as it allows the comprehensive study and non-biased criteria and alternatives. This research aims to highlight the importance of structural performance, and how it can be employed technical grounds (COPRAS-G) in assessing the structural performance of the Diyala City projects, through the identification of the criteria used to select the best project in terms of structural performance, and also to identify a list of projects the main province in order to choose the project optimization of this area. For the purpose of achieving the objective of research, has been collecting its own data from the literature that dealt with a multiple criteria complex proportional assessment of alternatives with Grey relations and, structural performance, and finally personal interviews of qualified designers and implementers of these projects. The results of data analysis for the sample showed that standards of cost, time, and quality is the most important criteria for bilateral comparisons between projects, and that the standard cost is more important than the rest of the criteria in the projects. Finally, and by calculating the relative importance of the projects and priorities of the alternatives and the utility degree have, we find that plant project streams Baquba has received the largest share of the benefit and importance compared with other projects.
In the end, was a set of conclusions and recommendations of the various aspects of the topic from, accelerate the application of techniques of decision-making multi-criteria in the evaluation of projects in addition to expediting the application of the proposed systems for Structural Performance by researchers to help corporate managers that the decision-making efficient, which will lead to a process control and more effective control on the construction project.